perspective matters

With an ammu perspective, you’ll get clear insight into your business that you’ve never had before. Our systems, support and processes let you apply resources and intelligence to the areas that work best for you, your staff, your business and your bottom line. Lets get started…

hi, we’re ammu.

We’re a unique team of chartered accountants and chartered management accountants.

We aspire to be the most innovative accounting practice in South West Scotland. We are open, honest and flexible, supporting and building strong, long lasting relationships with clients who share these values. We add value through advisory services; matched with high standard of care and attention held by our digital accountancy team for all our clients

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digital matters


We are one of the leading digital accountancy firms in Scotland.

We work with growing and established businesses to design digital cloud-based systems specifically for their requirements. With cutting-edge online accountancy software at the centre, seamlessly supported by a combination of other relevant helpful apps and software, we create a clear baseline upon which to understand the reality of where your business is.

The digital cloud we create for you will add value through identifying inconsistencies in your business whilst building trust in your data, enabling you to make better choices, have clarity of vision and find new opportunity.

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Funding and R&D Matters


We are funding experts. Whether it’s successfully securing funding to invest, generate opportunity or change process in their business, we’ve enabled many clients to break through barriers, grow and flourish. We work closely with funding providers and know what information is required to secure funding, make the process more efficient and successful. Whilst we offer support for various streams of funding including RSA Grant funding, Local Authority and Angel investment funding, we are specialists in R&D Tax Credits. R&D tax credit is a stream of funding which has been somewhat overlooked by accountants in the past, not least due to unfounded myth and misunderstanding. Government statistics suggest that only 10-20% of eligible SME’s have claimed R&D tax credits. With our vast experience of successful R&D tax credit claims, we have developed an effective and simple system to using our established skills deliver and guarantee success. We use various platforms including webinars, blogs and videos and to engage with our clients to identify funding opportunities in an engaging, ongoing basis.

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Compliance Matters


By it’s very nature, accounts and tax compliance is not everyone’s cup of tea. Where a lot of businesses see time taken on accounts and tax compliance as a necessary overhead, we like to think of it as the outcome of an exciting investment of working towards targets with crystal clarity. With compliance, it’s all about what we do in advance leaving no stone unturned. By using the digital software we uniquely design for each client, we can provide an accurate snapshot of your business at any time of the year. When the time comes, it allows us to pull your compliance information quickly, accurately and on time. In effect, what it means is that your compliance work is done with as little fuss as possible with little input required from you. Rest easy in the knowledge that your information is already there as part of a system which is way more beneficial than just traditional compliance.

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Information Matters

Increasing Margins & Prosperity

See your destination with a clear view of the road ahead. Understand what aspects of your business generate profit and know that your decisions are based on accurate data and facts. Eradicate excess and accurately predict the shape and scale of your business future. Use your perspective to apply powerful and inspirational leadership. We help established and growing businesses across Scotland to produce their management information, monitor their performance and empower their decision-making. Management information lets you plan for the future and measure progress. Using your digital cloud along with the integration of other non-financial applications you choose to use, we’ll support you to get real value from the management information this powerful combination produces. We’ll help you to examine the data, identify shortfalls and gain credible knowledge about your business ultimately increasing prosperity.

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Vision Matters


With a clear understanding of your new baseline through the digital cloud and a thorough understanding of your business direction through management information, we provide ongoing business support and advice that allows you to make powerful choices and maintain your perspective. We love working with our clients to further support them in their journey toward their objectives. By regularly talking to them and delivering relevant, fact-based information and forecasts we help them to see clearly how their business is performing now and how their decisions will affect future performance and profitability. Use our help and advice to support your people, talk to them and demonstrate your leadership. Create a culture of vitality - remove distraction and generate the focus required to maintain perspective. Make more relevant choices and generate clear decisions to maximise your return on the investment you make in people, systems and data.

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Tax Matters


Using our digital cloud approach to review real time information, we’re constantly in contact with clients throughout the year to take measured ‘snapshots’ of how they are, how your business is and how the year is progressing. We like to look at tax planning from a different angle. We love talking to our clients and getting to know them better. We want to make tax work for you and pass on as much value to your business as possible through our relationship with you and our knowledge of your business and avoiding ‘nasty surprises’ when it comes time to submit tax returns.
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